Thursday, 16 April 2015

Who would be the audience for your media product? (draft)

When making my magazine I decided that the target audience would be both male and females aged 16-25, who fit into the youth cultures "young alts" or "hipsters", who appreciate not only entertaining content but a well designed and aesthetically pleasing magazine.

When identifying the target audience for my I used a combination on the Channel 4 research "UK Tribes" and the YouGov profiler tool. According to UK Tribes, "Young alts" strive to distance themselves from the mainstream, and that is also something I tried to achieve in my magazine. According to the YouGov profiler, people who describe themselves as alternative are primarily 18-24 and then after that 25-39, the fact the majority of people who give themselves the alternative descriptor are within my target age range implies that they would be the audience for my media product.

I didn't specifically aim my magazine at fans of one specific genre, but rather alternative/niche music as a whole, which I believe is the sort of music a lot of young adults and teenagers are listening to in the modern day, most people don't simply like any one genre, rather a spectrum. This is backed up by the research I carried out on UK tribes, which speaks for the youth cultures of "young alts" and "hipsters" as liking "from heritage bands like The Smiths, to Scene Kid favourites Bring Me The Horizon and even the occasional urban sounds like Joey Bada$$ and A$AP Rocky."

I think its this variety of content and its popularity among youth cultures that allows me to target a relatively wide youth demographic, with overlap into the youth cultures of "skater" and "new casuals".

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