Friday, 17 April 2015

How did you attract/address your audience? (draft)

The main way I attracted my audience was my magazine cover, which features a large image of a musician, who would be recognisable to the target audience of my magazine. The cover layout is also fairly unconventional in that there is very little text on the page, which would draw attention to my magazine cover as it would stand out on shelves next to more conventional covers. Since the target audience for my magazine, as mentioned before, is young alts or hipsters who strive to not be mainstream, a magazine which looks alternative or different is more likely to be appreciated by them.

This "alternative" theme is continued in the fact that my magazine is a print publication, not a gloss magazine, which is something that would fit the whole "hipster" aesthetic of retro styled clothing and items. Whilst researching I found general aesthetic appreciation is something that applies especially to the youth cultures I am aiming my magazine at, so I tried to give my magazine an "edgy" appearance, with a smaller minimalist logo which is not dissimilar to popular brands such as "Supreme".

Also there is a bit of a gap in the market for a magazine which covers "alternative" or lesser known music in general, not just one genre, but everything from indie to rap, so I think if a product is made to fill this gap it would be popular among the youth cultures I targeted.

The tagline on my cover "the spectacular musical genius" sounds like something that wouldn't be amiss in a magazine like "Vice" which, according to UK Tribes, epitomises hipster culture, so the fact that my magazine has similar features and text means it would have a good chance at being popular with the cultures I am targeting. 

In terms of creating a credible magazine, which would want to be read by others, I think I have done fairly well, so that in itself should attract my audience to my product, as they have the motivation and disposable income to buy magazines, so if an interesting product appears, it will probably generate decent sales. At £3.99 it fits well into the pricing of current magazines, so it wouldn't be especially expensive or cheap, so it would be fit into the current market.

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