Thursday, 15 January 2015

Magazine Cover Inspiration

I like the style of the magazine above, mainly due to the simplicity, as it still manages to be eye catching and aesthetically pleasing. The juxtaposition of the rusted can against the clean background and fonts creates a striking design. The fonts used are all clean and simple, which I personally prefer to messier fonts. I also like the coloured stripe down the left hand side of the page, which helps brighten the page and provide a boundary.

I liked the magazine above because of the wide range of colours, the contrast between the straight lines of paint and the mix, the simple title in the form of a label. Once again the use of simple fonts appealed to me.

i-D captured my attention because of their bold logo, with different placement to the stereotypical central title. The model also stands out, due to the 'striking' makeup. There is a contrast between the simplicity of the fonts used and the attention to detail in terms of the models costume, hair and makeup, which I think serves to direct the viewers attention away from the more 'mundane' things like the title, and more on the focus of the cover, being the model.

This cover caught my eye, due to the bold, cartoon-y illustrations used on the cover. I just found the art-style attractive and also liked the lack of a bold headline, however this does make it a bit unclear at a glance to see what the magazine is actually covering.

I like the Critic cover, mainly because of the multi-coloured filter that has been applied and the simplistic, rounded font. 

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